The 5 Most Common Complaints About Reading Books

The 5 Most Common Complaints About Reading Books -

In an age where social media, movies, and television programs dominate the lives of individuals, the desire to read books as a pastime has been lost in the chaos. With that in mind, here are 5 of the most common complaints I frequently hear from people about reading books - and what I think about such complaints!

Complaint #1: Reading is No Fun

The idea that reading is not fun often comes from people who struggle with putting themselves into a story. This complaint may have also originated from having been forced to read books in school that were not particularly interesting or were just too difficult to understand. (Shakespeare, anyone?)

A great way to overcome this struggle is to find a book that protrays characters that relate to your personal experiences or personality. If you select something you're interested in, then the likelihood of enjoying the book is increased. Therefore, take time to choose a book carefully. Don't choose one just because the cover looks interesting. You should instead read the back cover, introduction (Amazon offers a sneak peek preview where you get to read the first 10% of the book), and do a little research into reviews of the book before purchasing it.

You normally choose TV shows and movies to watch based on what others say. The same holds trues when it comes to selecting books. So, be sure to listen to what others are saying before making choices about the books you eventually purchase.

Complaint #2: Reading Hurts My Eyes and Gives Me a Headache

If reading hurts your eyes or gives you headaches, you may have a sensitivity to light. People who suffer from such a condition (called scotopic) have trouble reading, particularly if the book or magazine is on glossy paper.

In order to enjoy reading without suffering, one solution is to read only a few pages at a time. So, remember to limit yourself to just two or three pages in one sitting.

Additionally, you may want to read in lower lights or choose books printed on non-glossy paper. Before purchasing anything, try reading a page or two of the book in the bookstore and pay attention to the reflection of the light on the pages.

Complaint #3: Why Read When I Can Just Watch the Movie?

Although movies are certainly entertaining, it's proven that movies based on books are not always accurate. In addition, we live in a noisy society where everything around us is screaming for our attentions. Reading a book in the silence and privacy of your home can help get you away from the hustle and bustle, as well as decrease your stress level.

What authors can pen in 300 to 400 words, producers are more than unlikely to capture within the span of an hour and a half movie. So go read a book before watching the movie! 

Remember that authors are able to write about internal conflicts and dialogues, thoughts, feelings, and assumptions, while movies need a lot more effort to produce the same effect.​ 

Complaint #4: Reading an Entire Book Takes Too Much Time

There is a common gripe that it takes too long to read a book and life is too demanding for one to just sit down to read for pleasure. But think about it: the great thing about reading a book is that you can take as long or as short as you want to finish reading it.

Complaint #5: Reading is Hard

Just like when you learned to ride a bicycle, it was difficult at the beginning but soon became second nature as you rode the bicycle each day. Reading is the same way. The more you read, the easier it gets.

Many individuals are afraid of reading because they do not feel confident in their vocabulary or ability to understand larger words and concepts. But when you were a child and rode your bicycle for the first time, you may have fallen off several times. Did that stop you from picking yourself up to get back on the bicycle? The same thing applies to reading. The more you do something, the better you get at it.

So, no matter what the complaints are for not reading books, there are solutions to overcome those obstacles. The only issue is whether you're willing to take a few adventures with some authors, explore a whole new world, enjoy less stress, increase your knowledge and vocabulary, and relish the peace and silence that those few minutes of reading a book can bring you.

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