Why You Should Spend More Time Reading Fantasy Books

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Fantasy books belong to a genre of literature that's not always well received by everyone. The "serious" readers are of the opinion that realistic writing offers more value than fantasy, which is often associated with exaggerated imagination.

The assumption, therefore, is that fantasy writing portrays non-existent magical realms that teach readers nothing they can apply in the real world. And while fantasy may be regarded as being of inferior quality to realism, the majority of young readers can't get enough of it.

Many children (and adults too!) complain that reading is hard. But in 2013, the most read children's books in the UK were nearly all fantasy novels. What do these books offer young avid readers? And why does this genre of writing command such a large following?

Let's take a closer look...

Fantasy Broadens Your Imagination

There is no other genre of writing that stretches the boundaries of imaginative thinking as much as fantasy does. Delving into magical tales can help you escape into a magical world and open your mind to new ideas you never thought possible. In the process, fantasy takes a hypothetical scenario and invites readers to make connections between the imaginary world and the world we live in.

Improves Language and Creativity

The immersive way in which fantasy books captivate readers tends to encourage youngsters to read more. Just like any form of reading, this helps students to improve their language skills, vocabulary, and mastery of story structure.

Fantasy books go beyond the obvious and introduce unique ideas through storytelling. As a result, spending more time reading such books will help you hone your creative thinking skills.

It’s a Stress Buster

Sometimes life can be so boring and stressful that it takes away your smile. Reading a book is one of the best ways to get away from the humdrum and pressures of life. And what better way to escape from it all than cuddling up to read a good fantasy book? Reading about magical tales with characters that are out of the ordinary will help you to relax and take away the stress that daily living brings.

Fantasy Books Will Inspire You to Pursue Your Passion

Fantasy books have a charm of their own. It's amazing how authors are able to sit down and come up with such amazing tales that can be so captivating and educational at the same time.

If you're a keen reader, the fine work done by some of the best fantasy authors might just inspire you to pursue something like writing, art, music, and even encourage you to follow your passion.

It's an obvious conclusion that reading more fantasy novels has many benefits, especially to young readers. It can reduce stress, make you more creative, improve language skills, and even broaden your understanding of the world we live in.

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